Why do I need multiple sessions?

Because hair grow in cycle laser cannot remove all hair in one session only a certain of hair will respond each treatment.
Hair grows in a 3-phase cycle -it has a growing phase, a dormancy phase and resting phase. Only hair that is in the growing (analgen) phase can be successfully removed with the laser. At any one, approximately 85%of hair is in the analgen phase. This is why, a series of treatment is required to get effective hair reduction.

Laser Hair Removal with 755 Alexandrite

Permanent hair reduction laser hair removal is fast, safe, and reliable. It is a gentle and effective way to remove unwanted hair with permanent results.
Medical grade laser Alex 755nm technology is the most efficient hair reduction system.
The laser is designed for sensitive skin and is safe for any part of the body and all skin types.
The 755-nm laser system has ahigh-powerAlexandrite laser that is developed to perform very efficient Hair Removaltreatments. The high power and the big spot sizes allow the treatment at very deep skin layer enough to damage completely the hair follicles of everybody district. The wavelength of 755nm is very safe and efficient for hair removal in patients with Fitzpatrick skin type up to iv

What are the benefits?

The laser is designed for sensitive skin and is safe for any part of the body and all skin types.
6-9 treatments are recommended.

How does Laser hair removal treatment work?

The laser works by directing concentrated light into the hair follicle, inhibiting the hair’s ability to grow, without disrupting or damaging the skin’s surface.
The 755nm wavelength is absorbed by natural chromophores, like melanin, and haemoglobin.
Laser is an intense beam of light energy, which at different wavelengths targets different structure in the skin. Our new generation Alexandrite Hair removal laser target the pigment in the hair follicle, destroying it without causing damage to the surrounding skin.
The laser works by directing concentrated light into the hair follicle, inhibiting the hair’s ability to grow, without disrupting or damaging the skin’s surface.

Which type of laser is the best for Hair Removal?

  • We believe our alexandrite is the best because it is much less painful than many other lasers.
  • It targets depth is the same as the hair follicle so it is more effective at obliteration of the unwanted hair.
  • The computerized delivery system helps to ensure safe and effective treatment.

How many sessions do I need?

  • Because hair grows in cycles, you will probably require 6-9treatment, depending on the type and quality of the hair. (The lasers are not effective on blond or red hair).
    Patient find that they are happy with the level of hair reduction after a few treatments.
  • The procedure is very safe, with a less than 5% complication rate.
    Immediately after the treatment there is usually some redness and perhaps some slight swelling.
    This is similar to the appearance of skin after waxing and shouldresolve within a few hours.
    In minority of cause it may take up to 24-48 hours after. Occasionally there are may be some crusting at the site of hair removal.
  • More serious complication is rare, but these include skin burning, pigmentation changes.

Is the procedure painful?

No not really. It is described as a slight stinging, or feeling of heat. Say it feels like a snap of an elastic band.
It comfortable. After treatment patient can return to normal activities immediately.


  • Taking of drugs, which increase sensitivity to light
  • Taking of drugs, which change the metabolism of the skin (Accutane)
  • Cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions in the treatment area
  • Herpes simplex in the area to treat
  • Risk of keloid scarring
  • Pregnancy
  • Epilepsy- Possible epileptic reaction during treatment.
  • High tanning
  • History of keloid scarring. The person’s to form skin keloids may be more prone to scarring after any skin trauma, including laser treatment.
  • Use of chemical or mechanical epilation 6 weeks prior to laser treatment

What will affect the procedure?

Please stay out of the sun for at least three to four weeks prior to treatment. Because the laser target pigment,
if your skin is tanned you are at risk of burning. If you have a tan you will have to be treat at a lower power, which will be safe but may be less effective.

If you are very tanned you will not be able to be treated at all.

Post treatments

Keep the treat area clean and free from cosmetics for at least 24 hours after treatment, ensure stay out of the sun for at least 2 weeks.
If you have any question or problems with your treatment. Please call immediately if you have any concern.

Treatment Care

There may be some redness or bruising if large areas have been treated. In small areas, there is little redness.

  • Avoid any products with active ingredients.
  • Avoid exposing the treatment area directly to sunlight post-treatment and always use sun protection.

Laser Hair Removal(Men)

List Price
Mono Brow $35
Snail Trail $45
Under arm $49
Cheeks $68
Chest $99
Neck $68
Shoulders $79
Back $149
Stomach $99
Back, neck & shoulders $228
Full arm $159
Full legs $199

Laser Hair Removal(Women)

List Price
Lip $35
Chin $35
Snail trail $49
Nipples & Breast $39
Under arms $43
Face sides $59
Brazilian $99
Bikini $49
G-string $69
Full arms $135
Full legs $169
Half arms $109
Half legs $99