Skin Rejuvenation for Men & Women

  • CO2 Ablative laser $1200
  • Non-ablative laser $650

Laser Aesthetic CO2 platforms are medical laser devices which represent the powerful solution for ablative skin rejuvenation.


The fractional laser skin resurfacing applies micro-fractional ablative technology.
The CO2 laser at 10600 nm provides microscopic dots of almost 300 µmdiameter. The beam is delivered to the skin through a state-of-the-art scanner device (with versatile scan size, shape and dot/micro spot density) with a special scanning pattern generator to reduce the risk of extra heat on the treated area.

The Laser Aesthetic acts with microscopic zones producing ablation and coagulation inside the dermis.
The skin is left intact and the laser setting is responsible for the reduction of the healing time. Skin looks tighter due immediate collagen shrinkage. The long-term stimulation of fibroblasts usually produces new collagen for the next six months.
Not only can indications like wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, dyschromia be easily treated- skin laxity in older people can also be treated in almost all areas of the body (the face, neck, chest, and hands).

Laser Aesthetic CO2 can be used on most skin types from fair to dark.
Darker skin types may not be able to be treated with the same aggressive setting as fairer skin types due to increased chances of pigmentation disturbances post laser.

Laser AestheticCO2 modality offers the coagulation effect which is suggested during deep ablative treatments.
As we age, the DNA present in every cell in the body breaks down.
External factors- including exposure to UV radiation (natural sunlight, solarium), smoking, diet, and air pollution- affect skin quality.

The main cause of premature ageing of the skin is natural sunlight and smoking. Over time as collagen in the skin is destroyed by ageing, sun damage and air pollution-the skin takes on a loose, saggy and blotchy appearance.

Who are suitable candidates?

Suitable candidates range from the younger age group to anyone with sun damaged skin to the older age group with deeper wrinkles.


Fractional skin resurfacing using a 1540 nm erbium glass laser.

This wavelength easily penetrates into the skin down to 1,5 mm and thanks to the balanced absorption by water,
it stimulates the skin layers at different temperature grades. By mean of the special lens array,
Matisse produces thousands of micro-columns with a high level of thermal heating and coagulation and an evenly low level thermal stimulation.

New laser technology for skin rejuvenation. This technique forces the regeneration
of new skin within the Micro-columns, while the surrounding untreated areas contribute
to accelerate the natural healing time. Deep thermal stimulation of the dermis to max
imize the generation of new collagen, enhancing the Fractional resurfacing benefits.

The 1540 laser system is absorbed by the skin water that is heated up to coagulation temperature.

The procedure works pushing high energy inside the micro thermal spots for a very brief time (ms),
that produce tissue’s coagulation without considerable side effects thanks to the very small dimensions
of the thermal injury, to the short pulse duration and to the untreated areas that increase the healing time speed.

No pain, No anaesthesia!

The procedure is easy and doesn’t require any preparation.

The treatment is extremely comfortable. Patients describe the treatment as having a (pricking) sensation.

No downtime!

Most of the patient can easily return to their daily activities after the treatment.
This procedure is Notably safer when compared to traditional resurfacing methodologies, and consequently
can be used on sensitive areas. Side effects are extremely rare.

Please avoid direct sun exposure to the treatment the use of sun protection.

  • Skin sun Damage
  • photoaging
  • Collegian remodelling
  • pigmented lesions
  • Melasma
  • stretch marks
  • Atrophic scars
  • Acne scare